Who is the equipment for? 

The range of equipment supplied is primarily suitable for medium-to-large size producers of juice, cider, wine, beer and spirits. 

What does the equipment do? 

Most of the equipment is designed to take care of the drink-production-process from once the base materials (such as apples, grapes, potatoes) are harvested, right through to the bottling of  the final product.

Where does the equipment come from? 

Depending on the manufacturer of the equipment, most items come from our trusted and vetted suppliers in Germany, Italy, Croatia or France. 

Why is Core's equipment so special?

We choose only the most reliable, knowledgeable, market-leading manufacturers to supply equipment, not to mention the Core service which offers complete peace of mind to our customers.

When is best to alert Core to the need for some equipment? 

The delivery time can greatly vary depending on the equipment which has been ordered. Take advantage of the Core Consultation service and start talking to us about an upcoming project as soon as possible for our support throughout.

It's much easier to show you the right equipment when we know who you are.

Go on, introduce yourself. Don't be shy. 


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