CiderCon 2017 - Post-show

The first thing we notice every time we head to the US is just how friendly everyone is. The second thing we notice is how inconvenient $1 bills are. 

The best aspect of CiderCon is the attendees' willingness and eagerness to learn. After speaking to many young cider producers, it quickly became apparent that there is nothing else quite like CiderCon to give guidance and training to cider producers, new and old, from the US and elsewhere. 

The first real time we had to network was the evening of Wednesday 8th February, when the tasting sessions took place. A huge ballroom in the Hilton Chicago was filled with tables of so many different ciders, each made with different techniques and unique blends which exemplify the advancement of craft cider in the US vs in the UK. After speaking to a couple of UK producers though, we are sure the UK will catch up. 

It was a pleasant evening meeting the US cidermakers, tasting the ciders and then retiring ready for a busy trade show the following day. 

Thursday 9th February saw the trade show running 10am-6.30pm. This gave most cider producers a good chance to wander around the show and say 'hi', in between each conference of course. We promoted a special deal on our new in-house manufactured Belt Presses and Washer Elevator Mills which allowed everyone who placed their order at CiderCon 2017 to have guaranteed pre-harvest delivery on the aforementioned items. 

Friday 10th February saw the trade show running 9am-2pm. Fighting jet lag and (we'll be honest), hangovers, we networked with the second day's worth of cidermakers, learning something new with every conversation. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who visited our stand, and to reassure you that any enquiries you discussed with us will be answered within the week. 

CiderCon 2017 was a fantastic, enlightening event which we are very excited to attend in 2018 in Baltimore. 

See you all next year, if not before!

BeerX 2017 - Pre-show

BeerX is an brewing exhibition, organised by the Society of Independent Brewers Association (SIBA).

We visited the show last year and loved the atmosphere; like a large group of friends meeting together year after year. 

We're pleased to be able to bring something to the event for 2017.

BeerX is the first of the 2017 exhibitions we have booked a stand for. So we're very excited.

We have plenty of time to plan the exhibition, which begs the question: 

Which equipment should we have on display, if any? What do you look for when you visit an exhibition? Would you rather have a drink and a chat with us about your own brewing equipment needs? Or would you prefer to be able to see equipment on the stand so you know a bit more about the technology you're putting into your brewery? If you would prefer to see equipment on the stand, what would you like to see? Tanks? Bottling equipment? Carbonators? Or maybe a full brewhouse? 

E-mail to let us know what you would like to see at SIBA's BeerX in Sheffield this year.

In the meantime, please keep checking this page for updates on our ideas for the Core stand, and don't forget to give us some feedback. It's all for you!

Stands 45 and 53 - look out for us!

CiderCon 2017 - Pre-show

Cidercon is an opportunity for cider producers from all over the world to meet the industry suppliers and see how they could innovate their cider agriculture, production and packaging. 


We will be exhibiting at Cidercon 2017 in order to keep in touch with the American cider-makers. This means we can spot trends over in the US which might follow over here in the UK, but it also makes our products and services available to the US cider market. 

"CiderCon was created to affect positive changes in cidermaking, cider fruit production, the cider market and cider regulations. It's an opportunity for the cider community to gather, share ideas, collaborate and learn."

The cider industry has become hugely popular in America, despite the US being relatively new to the industry. 

A sign of this increase in popularity was the sub-brand created by Boston Beer called Angry Orchard. 

So if you're heading to Cidercon 2017, we will look forward to seeing you there! - Booth 111.

BeerX 2017 - Post-show

This year was our first time exhibiting at this show, and we had a fantastic time. Our representative from Letina Inox travelled over to join us on the exhibition stand and answer questions about our brewhouses and beer tanks, which helped the brewers to understand the manufacture process in great detail. It is always reassuring to know that your equipment is well built by seeing a video of the factories, or just through talking to someone who knows their tanks inside and out. 

It is really exciting to see an industry which has had so much recent growth but just isn't ready to plateau yet. The exhibition was packed with back-to-back seminars and association meetings and beer tastings, making it clear that beer is still a rapidly growing market in the UK. 

Not just for brewers, we spoke with a couple of cider makers and a couple of distillers and contract bottlers who are looking at large projects over the next couple of years.

To everyone who came and saw us at the show, thank you for doing so! We will be pretty busy for the next few weeks planning these upcoming projects, but if you're looking for advice, a quote, or to place an order, just give us a shout and we will be happy to help.

Grand Opening: Hattingley Valley's New Disgorging Line

18th May 2017 at Hattingley Valley Wine Estate - Post-Event

Peter Mitchell is running a 'Big Cider and Perry Learning Experience' in June 2017 which consists of two weeks' training and visits to local cider makers, finishing with a Technical Open Day on Friday 23rd June. 

To support the cider industry and the education surrounding the industry, Core are sponsors of the Technical Open Day. We will be demonstrating various different types of equipment from presses to tanks to fermentation control systems which we feel is invaluable for cider makers to see, whether they have been making cider for years or they are just starting out. This is the equipment which allows a cider maker to do what they do best with minimal maintenance and maximum reliability, so we want to show people how this equipment works and talk to them about how to start or expand their juice and cider business. 

Cider and Perry Association Technical Open Day

23rd June 2017 at Mitchell F&D Limited

Click to view details and register.


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