Fermentation Control

Suitable for wine, beer and cider producers of any size, Fermentation Control Systems allow the producer to easily control the temperature of fermentation tanks via a computer. This allows more time for the producer to focus on the science of their fermentation. 

A monitor is fitted to each tank so that the temperatures of individual tanks can be adjusted, but a control panel or computer can also be connected which allows complete control and monitoring over an entire tank farm. 

An optional breathing pipe can be fitted to the air valve on each tank to monitor gas escape levels and automatically adjust the fermentation temperature accordingly.


A Fermentation Control System is the modern way to look after a product; there is also an app which links to the entire system so temperatures can be monitored and changed on the go. 

The system can record fill level, target temperature, actual temperature, product variety, batch number, tank volume, tank name, fermentation sugar graphs, racking and product movements and blending recordings.

Key Features

  • IP65 rated dust and water resistant 

  • Individual control panels per tank, or entire farm management via computer

  • Records and saves data on sugar levels, product movements and much more

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Dimensions L x W x H (mm):

Control capacity:



10 - 50 tanks per wall-mounted control panel


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