Suitable for cider, beer and wine producers of any size, tanks provide a place of storage, fermentation, mixing, carbonation and many other processes. 

Our tanks include everything you need as standard; no optional extras for sample taps, total discharge valves, manhole covers etc. 

All tanks include cooling jackets so that they can all be used for fermentation purposes, in which case they are compatible with our Fermentation Control System

Beer tanks, wine fermentation tanks and cider tanks are all different products with different designs to suit the needs of the brewer, winemaker and cider maker respectively. 

Tank types include: fermentation and storage tanks, multi-storey tanks, stacking tanks, square tanks, insulation tanks, variable capacity tanks, sloped base tanks, pressure tanks, transport tanks, mixing tanks, floating cap tanks and air cap tanks. Contact us for a quotation or more information. 

Key Features

  • Manhole cover

  • Conical off-centre base

  • Relief valve

  • Ladder support

  • Level indicator with scale

  • Analogue thermometer

  • Sample tap

  • Cooling jacket


Capacity (l):

Dimensions D x H (mm):


500 - 39,800l

1570 x 797  - 1800 x 2501mm


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